Posedge provides complete services from Specification to Products, as a one stop strategy, with its broad and experienced technical team in the following markets:

» Audio/Video and Image Processing
» High Speed Wireless Networking
» Wireless Communications
» Portable Handheld Devices
Posedge offers services beyond, ASIC or FPGA development by designing boards and system software to realize a complete product and/or reference designs.

Posedge’s all-round knowledge of chip, board and software help resolve issues faster and enable fast turn-around times by minimizing risks.

Posedge provides on-site or turnkey consulting and professional services to augment your in-house efforts in the following areas

Device drivers
Posedge can accelerate development of VxWorks and Linux device drivers for custom hardware. Posedge has developed drivers for serial and parallel devices for many of our customers. Posedge has developed sources for drivers of various interface protocols Ethernet, I2C, CEC, HDMI, HDCP, Serial Flash, UART, Timers etc that can be leveraged to develop custom solutions quickly.
OS porting
Posedge can provide complete and rapid port of VxWorks, Linux to custom CPU boards based on MIPS, ARM or any custom processor.
Product Prototyping
With vertical knowledge in specific market segments and breadth of ASIC/FPGA design, Posedge understands the requirements of prototyping and provides optimal solutions (reference designs) in a timely manner.
System Software Development
Take advantage of our expertise in end-to-end development of embedded applications, from requirements specification through design, implementation and testing.
Performance Characterization and Improvements
Our end-to-end expertise helps customers realize higher performance in their products. We have worked through many products enhancing the performance by optimizing system bandwidth and MIPS.