Hardware IP and Software IP products
Posedge High Quality IP Cores with standard interfaces enable time to market for complex SoCs. The following proven intellectual property cores are available for integration into SoCs. The cores are proven in an FPGA environment and are verified using advanced verification methodologies. Posedge can provide customization and integration services if desired.
Hardware IP
» Wire Speed Multi-Port Switch / Routing Engine
» System Peripherals for SoC (Posedge Sub-System – PSS)
» Flexible IPSec Processing Engine
» SSL IPSec VPN protocol processor
» High-Performance IEEE 802.1AE (MACSec) Processing Engine
» Universal Flash Controller
» USB-SATA Offload Engine
» PZLIB – High Performance Data Compression Engine
» Viterbi Decoder
» 2048 Point FFT Core
» HDMI-CEC Controller
» DDR-I/II Controller
» GPON RS Codec
Software IP
» Posedge Fast Path IP
» Multi-Format Encoder – Decoder
» HDMI-HDCP drivers
» I2C, UART, CEC, Ethernet, PCI Drivers
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