Posedge provides complete services from Specification to Products, as a one stop strategy, with its broad and experienced technical team. Posedge’s Turnkey experience is in

. SOC Solutions, From Specification to Software
. OS Porting and Driver Development
. System Software Proto-typing

Turn-key Projects Completed

Posedge executed multiple projects from System Architecture to System Software. Posedge’s proven flow, high level of automation and emulation methodologies enable very fast time to Market for their customers. The strength in the knowledge of vertical segments provides an extended arm to the design teams. The following are some of the examples of the projects executed.

VoWiFi Chip
The VoWiFi Chip was developed from architecture to production. Posedge team enhanced the wireless LAN protocol for reliability, security and did the complete implementation of the ASIC. The low power design had numerous voltage domains and power modes for optimal power utilization delivering a standby power of < 1 mW. The proven NSS IP and Posedge design flow helped tape-out the chip in 4 months

ASIC with Posedge System Controller IP
Various proven Posedge – IPs like I2C Controller, Universal Flash controller, AHB/APB bus components were integrated with custom developed blocks and Customer’s application specific hardware blocks. Posedge owned the integration of the chip including all the DFT functionality and System Level verification. The system level verification environment was based on VMM methodology.

Wireless LAN ASIC
The 802.11n Chip was enhanced for various 802.11n features like beam-forming. Posedge successfully taped-out the ASIC that went to production in one pass. The design has 6 different voltage domains and 8 Analog IP’s.

HDMI, HDCP and CEC drivers for 1080p System
Generic device drivers and framework was developed for source and sink devices for a HDMI system. The HDMI, HDCP and CEC device drivers were developed on an ARM processor and interoperated with a number of consumer electric devices.

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