Software IP

Posedge Fast Path (NFP – Custom Linux Stack)

The NFP is an enterprise class modular, scalable network software module for managed Home/SMB gateways, routers, switches to perform Layer2 – Layer4 switching and routing. NFP significantly accelerates the performance of common protocols like DNAT, SNAT, VLAN and PPPoE in Host processor based communication processors. NFP implements very sophisticated QoS algorithms amenable for Software only (and Coprocessor based HW) implementations. NFP performs state-full classification / modification / scheduling of packets to achieve higher throughput across multiple ports. The slow path of the software sets up tables to aid the fastpath processing of packets. NFP provides framework for advanced protocols like IPSec and for processing advanced Application level gateways (ALG). The architecture allows very high number of flows without degradation in performance and supports numerous industry-standard RFC’s and protocols. NFP is developed as a Loadable Kernel Module for Linux operating system for facile integration. Please contact Posedge for support on other operating systems.

HDMI/HDCP drivers and SW based CEC

The generic drivers are developed are compatible with multiple HDMI chip vendors and support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p configurations. The software is a fully loadable module with very minimal processing power requirements from the Host processor. The software provides interfacing to EDID and is fully compliant with the HDCP protocol.

The CEC engine is software based implementation of the HDMI-1.3 CEC protocol. The CEC engine is field proven and supports all the commands as per the CEC specification.

MPEG2/H.264/VC1 Video Decoder

NVD is a generic video decoder that is a unified code that processes all the three popular video formats. The NVD works in conjunction with the NFP software to realize a complete software based IP Set-top box.